General Structural Repairs and Enhansements

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2011 ICRI Award of Merit Winner!

Cooling Tower Structural Repairs - Reinforcing of a walkway slab and retaining wall using composite materials from the inside while the cooling tower was operational. 

Screen Well - Emergency Rebuild of the "Wall" of a screen well at a power plant's intake structure using composites.

Stack Screen - Repair to an concrete architectural screen wall at the top of a 220' high stack at a waste-to-energy facility

2012 ICRI Award of Excellence Winner!

Intake Structure - Inspect, repair and strengthen the inside concrete structure of an intake structure at a power generation facility.

Greek Isles Gifts - Inspect, repair and strengthen the stucture below a concrete building which extends over the Anclote River

GTSP Building - Repair and strengthen the a heavily damaged pre-cast "double-T" bulk storage facility using composites.

#8 Final Tower - Inspect, repair and strengthen concrete columns and beam supporting a tank.

Bulk Storage Facility - Repair and strengthen the a concrete bulk storage facility using composites.

Gaylord Palms - Rehabilitation of a "water feature" (slide) at a luxury resort using composite materials.

GluLam Beams - Repairs to several damaged and delaminated wood glu-lam beams using carbon fiber.

MCO Airport Signage - Repair and reinfoce a huricane damaged traffic sign foundation using composite materials.