Specialty Services

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Trash Rack / Log Rack Fabrication and Coating - Fabrication of 16' wide x 22'-6" long metal trash rack coated with a Fuji Film fouling release system.




Electrical Enclosures - Repairs to various metal electrical enclosures.

Dust Collerctor, Exterior - Repair to the exterior of a metal dust collector with FRP.

Tanker Trucks - Coating the interior of tanker trailers.

Trash Rack Coating - Coating of trash racks / log racks for various power generation facilities with a fouling release system.

Dairy - Repairs to concrete and coating of facility for protection against lactid acid.

Aerospace - Coating of 10,500 square feet of epoxy flooring at a aerospace facility. 

Tank Oveflow Pipe - Replace damaged and clogged tank overflow pipe.

Cooling Tower Fan Blades - Repairs and coating of various cooling tower fan blades.

WWTP Sand Filters - Manufacture and install components for a sand filter at a water treatment facility.

FRP Handrails - Manufacture and install FRP handrails as replacement for damaged metal handrails.