Our U.S. Team


PJ Pinet

Vice-President, Premier Corrosion Protection Services (USA), Inc.

President, Premier Florida Industrial Services, Inc.


Tel: 813-433-4000

Email: PJ@Premier-Florida.com


PJ Pinet is the owner and qualifying agent for Premier Florida Industrial Services, Inc and a Registered Architect in Florida, Louisiana and Texas and a member of the AIA and NCARB.


Juan Rojas

Vice-President, Operations


Tel: 813-446-0428

Email: Juan@Premier-Florida.com


Frank Gabriel

Vice-President, Marketing


Tel: 813-323-5903

Email: Gabe@Premier-Florida.com


Amador Rojas

Outside Sales


Tel: 813-323-1199

Email: Rojas@Premier-Florida.com


Alvis Alviles

Project Manager


Tel: 813-323-5909

Email: Alvis@Premier-Florida.com


Alfred "Marty" Martinson

Marketing Manager


Tel: 863-602-7055

Email: Marty@Premier-Florida.com